We weren’t born to live in the shadow

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YAP #ShareyourStar

YAP, from the abbreviation, You Are Popular, is a new photo and video sharing social network aimed at showcasing and capitalizing on talent, with unique features, which add high value to companies, users and influencers.

This is how YAP works

Download the free App in Google Play or Apple Store; log in using your Facebook account or your email and start “yapping”! It’s this easy to start sharing and discovering new content, follow your friends and interesting users, use your Yaps to award stars to the users and posts you like the most, making these rise in the ranks and so much more!

On YAP you can…

Access and be a part of user lists and posts from all over the world, being able to filter by location, sex, profession, interests, age, hashtag…

If you’re an influencer you can capitalize on your popularity through direct revenue and sponsorships.

Meet people from your area or from anywhere in the world who share your interests or profession and get in contact with them.

Discover and share videos and photos, as well as edit them with different filters.

Use the yaps that they give you to promote your posts with the aim of being seen by more users and award stars to users and their posts so they rank higher in the lists.

And also…

Promote yourself professionally.

Privacy is yours. Only you or the person who is performing the action will know what users you follow or who follow you, the posts you “like” or to who you’re awarding starts.

Be informed of the position you occupy on the user list and which are your most popular posts.

Access the Live section; discover new content that others are posting in real time.

Access professional lists.

How do I get YAP’s?

Yap’s are points that you can use to award stars to other users and their posts.

As soon as you sign up you receive 100.

You can recharge up to a minimum of 100 per day.

When you or one of your posts reaches the top position in the ranking.

Every time you get new tips of stars or you rise to new levels.

If you have less than 150 stars and you share your posts on other social networks you will receive 50 per post until you have a maximum of 150.

You can always purchase more YAP’s.

What are the stars for?

You can award stars to other users to indicate that you really like their posts making them rise in the rankings.

You can also award stars to a user and leave them a private message on their wall making them rise in the rankings.

You can use 2 of your yaps to award a Gold Star and 12 yaps to award a Diamond Star.

Download YAP!

You can now start to discover users and incredible content, promote yourself or your company, get sponsorships and much more….because we weren’t been born to live in the shadow, Be you, by YAP! Because we weren’t been born to live in the shadow… Be you, be YAP

store-bt-app store-bt-app